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Personalized Calligraphy Message In A Mini Bottle (With Mini Crystal Stone)


A great calligraphy gift for every occasion by Inspired With Love: Bridesmaid and Groomsman proposal, wedding party favor, Corporate gifts, Cotton Anniversary, Paper Anniversary, Love Letter for someone special. We now offer a personalized calligraphy message in a mini bottle with wax seal! It's completely customizable!

We use a 100% cotton acid-free ivory paper. Our wax sealer do not break easily and keep its shape after opening the message, so do with care or use a letter opener. The wax sealer will not be able to seal itself back onto the paper, which makes the 1st time undoing it more special and personal. We do offer the option of having the seal on an extra paper, so you can roll the message back into the ring.

This listing include ONE mini crystal gemstone rough with each bottle. We have amber, aquamarine, quartz, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, labradorite, fire opal, and many more! We do also carry herkimer diamond (please send us a message if you prefer herkimer diamond or any other high end crystals). Keep in mind, the color of the crystals varies naturally and not all look the same.

Please choose if you would like to have the wax seal directly onto paper (open once) or onto paper ring (open multiple times).

We currently offer 3 ink colors: Black, Silver, and Gold.

About our product:
*Glass Bottle is approximately 2" height (2.5" height with cap) x 1" width
*Glass Bottle is wrapped with hemp rope without glue. If you'd like us to glue it onto the bottle, please include that in the "Custom Message"
*Paper is approximately 1" height and can be as long as you'd like (up to 8" length)
*Message can be in either 1 or 2 lines, but approximately 100 letters or less preferred to fit onto the paper (Please check spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. The message will be written as given)
*Mini crystal gemstone size varies between 1/8"-1/2"


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